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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is for two challenges...the April Keyword Challenge and the April Pet Challenge. Requirements: Pet Challenge: *at least one photo of pet DONE *some type of quote semi DONE I included a quote of myself hope that works Keyword Challenge: *new layout DONE * the twist: AT LEAST 10 FLOWERS DONE *Keyword LAUGH DONE down in right bottom corner reads: "Calico you make me LAUGH"- Apr 07

This was harder than it looked, combining flowers and a pet picture, but it was fun. I will DEFINITELY do it again. Sorry the picture is so dark, I couldn't get any good natural light. Once the option of changing the picture is back, I'll retake it. The brads in the big flowers have paw prints on them. This is our family cat Calico, she has an obsession with plastic bags. Anytime we bring groceries home, she plays with the plastic bags. This time she was playing with a bag that was left on the couch by my husband and I caught this moment on camera. TFL!