Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is a picture of my best friend and her dd. My friend is originally from Canada, so I thought I would pay tribute to the Canadian accent and to our great friendship. Journaling reads: Best of Friends, Best of Times. Sandra, you're one of a kind. Some of my best memories and best laughs have been with you, AND are because of you. I always tell you that you missed your calling, and that you should have been a stand-up comedian or on some reality television show. You make me laugh til I cry and my sides hurt. I still laugh thinking about your alien aluminum foil hat at staff meeting. I love that we went through our first pregnancies together and supported each other through the shock of sleep deprivation when the babies came. We have so much in common...always getting lost(even after driving there a dozen times), never getting sick of eating the same food every week, and how much we look forward to our favorite t.v. shows. I feel lucky knowing that we will be the best of friends for a lifetime. Always know you bring laughter and sunshine wherever you go. TFL!