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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is my ds and his friend Amy having a fun playdate. The whole afternoon of fun and play was too cute for words. The title was inspired by what Amy said during this made up game. Journaling reads: Sweet kids, you were so cute playing this game of "come-get-me-if-you-can." Andrew, you would squeeze into the middle of the olive tree while Amy tried to get you out. She really could've gotten to you, but then the game would be over...so she prolonged the fun by shouting "he's stuck in the middle, stuck in the middle!" Then she ran all the way to the opposite end of the backyard and ran all along the retaining wall...to start the fun all over again. It was a good 20 minute game, and we mommies were enchanted by the squeals of laughter and interactive play. It was precious to witness...thanks for the memories, kids.