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Playing catch-up...Easter 2007 LO of my ds and his cousin Madison. These pics are so funny to me because of what my ds does with the lipstick. Clearly, he thought it was something other than a lipstick. I had fun inserting thoughts for Andrew and Madison. !st pic: Madison thinks "He's got my purple wallet!" 2nd pic: Maddie thinks "I'll put my lipstick back in my purse, pretend to call someone on my cell phone, and wait for my chance to grab the wallet!" Anrew thinks "Great! She put it back in her purse! As soon as she leaves, I'll grab it!" 3rd pic: Maddie thinks "I got my wallet back! Now where can I go and hide it?" Andrew thinks "Where is it?! Where is it?!" 4th pic: Andrew thinks "Aha! I got it!" 5th pic: Andrew thinks "Now I can be like daddy and shave, with this razor!" The journaling in the tag reads: Andrew, The relationship you have with Maddie is very precious. Despite stealing her toys, you love giving Madison hugs and look forward to visits with her. You two enjoy playing the piano together, echoing giggles & shrieks (from your high chairs) at the dinner table, and scampering off to play games, plot, or scheme something. As you grow up together, remember to nurture this special are cousins AND friends. TFL!