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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is a page about the last time I saw my Grandma Ruth before she passed away.

On the car ride, Dad told me that it just wasn’t the same. Grandma wasn’t the same. Time and dementia had taken a toll on her. Many days she had no idea who her loved ones were. She was in a wheelchair. The last thing he said was that she was dying.
Of course, at the age of twenty-five, I could understand the complexity of the situation, but age doesn’t keep one from being rattled.
I was rattled.
Rattled to hear such words come out of Dad with such calm and acceptance that he had accepted his mother’s fate. Rattled because it was such a contrast from my memories of a well-groomed lady, smiling ear-to-ear, making a silly and sarcastic remark about how she lost her vigor and was getting old. At the same time, she was doing a little jig. That was the Ruthie Wahl I remembered.
So I braced myself.
I prepared to see a shell of a woman that I had no recollection. I expected a woman that had no idea that she was still alive. I prepared that this would be something that would remain a memory I would push out of my mind and really wish I hadn’t ever experienced.
I was never so wrong in my whole life.
Yes, she was in a wheelchair and no, she couldn’t say a word. But the second that I walked into that room, she knew that it was me. There was no fogginess. There was no emptiness. There sat my Grandma, who wanted nothing more than to hold my hand and give me kisses on the cheek. And in her eyes, I saw a spark that was light-hearted. It was sarcastically telling me it is was a pain to get old. That spark was also the same one that happened when she did her little “old-lady” jig”.
At that moment, she was the Ruthie I remembered.

Patterned Paper: (green and Brown criss cross) Basic Grey - Urban Couture, (red & pink tripe and pink & red pattern) Basic Grey - Blush (mint green criss cross and brown) Prima Marketing Romantica, (cream graph) Scenic Route - Laurel Transparency Overlays and swirl Rubons: Hambly Screen Prints Distress Ink: Tim Holtz Distress Ink (Ranger) Chipboard Letters and Ghost Heart: Heidi Swapp Red Foil: Stix2