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Life Lessons by Taylormade

Journaling: #3 Popcorn Principle
This idea came from the book In a Heartbeat by Leigh Anne Tuohy. The idea is that there is more need in this world than any of us can help, but if we pay attention, situations will pop up in front of us like popcorn. If each of us focused on those who need help who pop up in front of us, then eventually the whole world would be helped.
In the past, I would often become overwhelmed by what I couldn't do. This idea has freed me to take each situation one at a time. I cannot make sure every child in America gets a Christmas, but I can make sure my neighbor’s family does. While our grocery budget is too tight to feed the many hungry in my community, I can provide an extra meal here and there for those around me who need help. One popcorn kernel at a time- maybe one day I can look back at a full bowl.