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Cynful Designs's Reviews

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    Gold Ball Chain is brighter than the pictures look (07 February 2015)

    It's not a hugely brassy bright gold look, but I was initially very disappointed in the coloration difference that I appeared to perceive between what I thought would arrive, and what did, but I was also still looking at the flowers in the package, all flat. They did look much, much better after I unpacked and fluffed them out a bit, but the the gold chain looks too new and clean, it sort of jars the rest of the distressed, vintage appearance (to me). If you don't mind spending a little bit to distress the ball-chain - I haven't tried that yet, and it's firmly attached, so not sure how it will go - I'm sure it will bring the "clean" tone down on the metal and contribute further to the vintage-y distressed kind of look of these beautiful flowers. :)