Bobbi C.'s Reviews

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    Gorgeous! (17 May 2022)

    Such gorgeous, vibrant colors, and high quality cardstock.

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    Really Beautiful Paper (17 May 2022)

    This is such a lovely collection - everything about it says "Summer at the beach" and "Beach Day". The papers are beautiful and designed to be used for any type of paper crafting project.

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    Not the Best... (17 May 2022)

    I'm sorry to say that as thrilled as I am that is now making a 98 foot tape runner I haven't so far found this one to my liking. It doesn't lay down correctly, and I've tried it every way I could to make sure it wasn't just me mishandling it - a whole strip of tape just doesn't come out of it; it's only like half a strip, which means using more of it to try to get the coverage needed. It also got gummed up at the opening, which was frustrating as well.

    It could just be that I got a bum runner - it happens - but I will say this for it, it does adhere very nicely. Thus, the 3 stars.

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    Just What I Need (16 April 2022)

    I have been using lots of little, sometimes intricate embellishments on some of my albums and this is so much better/easier than trying to using regular adhesives. I'd tried another brand's fine tip glue pen and it was terrible, but this works great and I highly recommend it.

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    Felix Collection Gold 4x6 (12 November 2016)

    Lovely little album in shiny gold foil with a nice variety of pocket sizes inside.

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    Only Place (29 September 2016)

    This is the only place I could find single sheets of this pattern. Awesome!