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Gloriadee's Reviews

  • Pull-Ez Ribbon Purse (09 February 2008)

    When I first saw pictures of the Ribbon Purse I was very doubtfull that it would work and solve any of my ribbon storage problems. I have a lot of ribbon, all sizes, all styles. Some of my ribbons are arranged in boxes with a dowl through each spool. However, I have a lot of "unspooled" ribbon that was crammed into plastic bags. Frankly, it was a mess. I recently sorted my ribbon by color family, but it was still hard to find what I needed, and all those plastic bags were hard to store.

    I received the Ribbon Purse as a gift. My dear friend even had stuffed it with a few ribbons so I could see it "in action." I was still doubtful, but let me just say, this purse holds a TON of ribbon. The ribbon does not get tangled. It's easy to see what I have, easy to select the color I want. The ribbon is easy to pull through the holes, even the fat ribbon, even the sheer ribbon, even thin fibers. Plus, the purse is ultra portable!

    The downside is that my purse filled up way before I could use all the holes. In retrospect, I should have skipped every other row to make it a bit easier to see my ribbons.