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Siameseplease's Reviews

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    Lots of fun goodies! (02 May 2012)

    This kit has a little something for everybody. I love the diversity of it, with various embellishments and papers that will lend themselves to plenty of projects.

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    Love these! (28 July 2010)

    The paper frills and just the perfect finishing touch for a lot of projects. Since they are already cut for you, it's super easy to apply adhesive and slap them down on the page. The only thing that bugs me is that it's hard to return the unused portion to the original packaging...they get all caught up in each other. I also wish there were more of certain designs and less of others, but I think that's a matter of personal taste. Doodlebug definitely went for variety!

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    Quick and easy! (28 July 2010)

    I think I have these in every color offered. They're so quick and easy to use. While I love my border punches, if I am in a hurry or don't have a particular design, I go straight to the just the edge and half the edge collection (or my paper frills). The half the edge ones are perfect for cards!

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    Thick CS, not that flimsy stuff (28 July 2010)

    I love Bazzill, not only for the thickness that makes it perfect as background paper or for making die cuts, but I particularly love the swiss dots for the design. The embossed dots add just the right touch of visual interest without overwhelming.

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    Distressed look (15 October 2009)

    So, I had to come back and edit my review, because I realized that the smudged, distressed look was the manufacturer's intention. It even shows on the plastic sheet and I just didn't notice. I prefer a cleaner image with sentiment stamps, but if you like that sort of smudgy look, this is a great set. The sayings are wonderful. The designs are beautiful. It's perfect for a memorial album (which is what I bought it for), card making, or even just general LOs about a favorite memory or event. The only thing I don't like about it is the mix of font so that part of the sentiment comes off clear and part of it is smudgy. I pulled out my handy dandy exacto and had a friend with steady hands trim the sayings so they no longer have that effect.

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    Fun! (22 March 2009)

    This paper pack has some really cute designs. The paper is heavy-weight and feels awesome. If you're a paper junkie like me, then the texture of the paper says a lot to you, too. I liked this paper so much that I bought some loose at a LSS before realizing I had some at home already!

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    Love that they're monochromatic (06 March 2009)

    If you use certain colors alot on your pages, these little monochromatic books are great. You don't have to worry with buying a notebook that has several colors in it, some of which you may never use. Love it!

  • So life-like (06 March 2009)

    I love Prima's flowers. They're so very life-like. I have never seen such detail on flowers designed for scrapbooking. They're well worth every penny!

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    Multi-faceted bling (25 February 2009)

    I wasn't sure what to expect with these rhinestones, but I was pleasantly surprised. Rather than the flat shape of some rhinestones, these are multi-faceted and very blingy. They add a real punch to your page. I like that each package has multiple sizes, as well.

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    Very versatile (25 February 2009)

    I love paper frills. There's so many different edges/shapes, from lines of flowers to scallops and ric rac. There's also a variety of widths, with the wider strips holding shapes like scallops and narrower strips for when you need a smaller bit of black on your page. I have the tuxedo pack but soon found that I wanted black in more shapes, so I ordered this pack. I don't regret it one bit. They're a great alternative to cutting edges yourself and also to using ribbon.

  • Blingy! (29 January 2009)

    This DCWV stack has a great variety of colors. The paper is really blinged out...tons of glittery goodness. The only thing to be wary of is that the glitter doesn't really give dry adhesive anywhere to stick, so if you adhere a pic or piece of CS or pp on top with a dry adhesive, it might fall off! I have started using a brad or stitching for adhering papers to this glittery CS and KI gloo or other liquid adhesive for embellies and the like. I'd recommend this paper stack because of it's variety and the amount of bling you can achieve with it.

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    Love them! (23 January 2009)

    I love my slick writers! I've used them on photos but also on the Heidi Swapp ghost shapes. They dry very quickly. The colors aren't incredibly vibrant, but I think that'd be hard to achieve against any slick surface. They're a definite must have if you like to write on photos. I have also used them to "touch up" photos. For example, I had a photo where it got nicked in a spot. That part of the photo was black. I just took my slick writer to it and unless you look really, really closely, you can't even tell. Cool!

  • Pretty but not so sticky (22 January 2009)

    I have these bo bunny chipboard sets in multiple colors. I love the heavy weight of the chipboard. I love the amount of flourishes you get, in various sizes and shapes. I don't love that there's only one of each consonant in the pack. They're also not sticky enough to stay on the page very well without adding additional adhesive. All of that said, I still like them because they're pretty, add dimension to the page, versatile, and have a nice subtle pattern on them.

  • Doesn't live up to the hype (22 January 2009)

    Ok, maybe I got a bad batch, but I talked to a few others and they have the same issue. This ink pad dries out way too quickly. I inked it up, expecting to get a lot of use out of it (as I have with other ink pads). Nope. Even when I stored it upside down to keep the ink at the top, it was all dried up when I next went to use it (which was not long after the initial inking). So I inked it up again. Same problem happened again.

    To top it off, when stamping with it, I don't get a ton of detail. The ink is thicker than your traditional ink pad and therefore, causes the loss of some of the more fine details in certain stamps.

    I don't like mine at all. It definitely did not live up to the hype and costs WAY too much.

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    More space, more fun! (22 January 2009)

    I love this huge mat for my Slice machine. The one that comes with the machine is nice for cutting out one or two shapes, but then requires that you remove them from the board so you can do more. I love that I can lay a full 12x12 sheet of paper down here and cut a whole title before having to worry about lifting the letters off the mat.

    I just wish that it came with some kind of cover to put over the sticky mat, so that I wouldn't have to worry about dust and such. I store my mat in the box it came in, but that's big. I'd love just a small piece of clear flexible plastic or something that I could lay over it (similar to what you see with the Cricut mats).

    The storage issue aside, it's totally worth the money!

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    Perfectly thin! (21 January 2009)

    So I bought my Slice machine, thinking that one of those little scrapers for removing stickers and sticky stuff would work perfectly for lifting the paper off of the sticky mat. Ummmm...nope. When I got this handy little spatula, I was initially disappointed. The scraper area is so THIN. I thought it couldn't handle the job or would break easily. I was wrong on both counts. The sharp little tip is perfect for getting between the paper and the cutting mat. The nice, flat, thin spatula area proceeds to lift the letters right up while still leaving plenty of adhesive on the mat. A must have for any Slice owner!

  • Yummy! (21 January 2009)

    I love K&Co's papers. They are so thick and the designs are very vibrant. They don't scrimp on the glitter, either. Another thing I love about this paper is that the glitter doesn't end up all over everything but your LO, as happens with some other papers that have glitter on them. This glitter sticks, with only a few sprinkles here and there (which I may have caused myself with rubbing my thumb over it with a lot of pressure to see how well it sticks!!! LOL).

  • Beautiful! (20 January 2009)

    I purchased this paper in a few colors. It's not only gorgeous with lots of pretty detail, but it's nice and heavy. I like the heritage look to it, as well.

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    A little something for everybody (15 January 2009)

    I love this stamp set because it has a little something for everybody and multiple themes. You want girlie or soft and sweet, use the butterfly or flowers. You want edgy, use the skull or flames. I even made the flames into waves on a LO by stamping them in blue repeatedly. This set is really versatile. It's also very detailed and the images come out beautifully with one application, no need to reink and try again. I love the slightly distressed look that the wings have when you stamp them, too. It makes them pretty realistic looking.

  • Thin but still a nice embellie (15 January 2009)

    I got these neat alphas on sale and thought it was a great deal. I guess it was an okay deal, but I don't think they are worth the full price. As stated by some other reviewers, they are very thin. I like to look at the positive side of things, though, so here goes with that: the thinness of them makes them easy to crease a little if you want that distressed look. It also means that you still get the look of metal without the weight of it. This can be important if you use a lot of embellies on your pages. Overall, I'd say buy them if you can catch them on sale. Which, coincidentally, I think they are right now...

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    No flimsy paper here! (15 January 2009)

    I just used this paper on a LO and I love it! You know how some lacy papers will be kind of floppy when you cut the edges apart? They'll stick up, won't lay flat, or just generally drive you nuts as you try to stick down the cut edges. Not so with this piece. I cut it in half to use as a background. I used adhesive only on the solid areas (not the lacy edges) and yet the edges still laid flat and in place. The paper is thick, not flimsy. It doesn't hurt that the design is very detailed and elegant!

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    Great little embellishment! (07 January 2009)

    These little die cut calendar cards are perfect for that added touch on your LO. They're no lightweight, either. They're cut from heavy-duty, thick stuff. They're the perfect size to accent the date without overpowering your LO, too. I want some in black now, too!

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    Clean image, fun stamps! (12 October 2008)

    What more is there to say??? The very first time I stamped with these adorable labels, the image came out just like I wanted. They're fun and add a little something to a LO. They give you a cute little spot to write the date or just a few words of journaling for those pages where that's all it needs. They're inexpensive, too, which never hurts!!!

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    Gorgeous!!! (16 September 2008)

    This paper pack is gorgeous. Often, I'll get a paper pack and there will be at least 2-3 papers that don't suit me at all. I can find a use for every piece of paper in this pack. If it doesn't suit my taste for a background, it will work for photo mats or borders or any number of other things. The colors are muted and oh, so pretty!

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    So fun! (20 August 2008)

    This little pack of arrows is so much fun to play with. It's a nice sturdy chipboard (no thin stuff here). I wish the pack included a few more sizes, but I can't complain too much because you do get quite a few arrows for the cost. Since the arrows are thick, they pop up from your page a bit and give it great dimension. Getcha some!

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    What are you waiting for? (20 August 2008)

    Please, tell me you are not hesitating to buy this product. There's just too many things to love about it. One, it takes paint and ink like a dream. No multiple coats like you sometimes need with chipboard. Two, it's flexible. It moves with your scrapbook page as it gets turned and manipulated by all of your sb admirers. It doesn't pop off because it can twist and turn; it's not stiff like chipboard. Three, the cost is actually cheap, considering how many of each letter you get. Four, it cuts easily (should you need to cut it for some insane reason). Five, it's light. It isn't really heavy so many adhesives will hold it.

    Some people say it stinks when you open the package but the smell goes away as it sits out. I guess I am weird; I like that smell. It reminds me a bit of leather.

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    Neat, timeless punch (20 August 2008)

    I love this punch! I use photo corners a lot and love how I can now make them from whatever paper I am using on my LO without having to freehand them. The punch is really easy to use. It depresses easily. The only time mine ever got stuck was when I tried to use it on material that was too thick. Note to self: this punch is made for paper, not thick chipboard! I've used it even with thick paper and had no issues, but it does not like chipboard. Most punches don't, so I don't see that as a negative. Go on, buy it!

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    Crisp, adorable images (02 August 2008)

    I just bought this set today and I do not regret it one bit. I had to play with it right away! The stamped images are so clear and crisp. The shading looks amazing when stamped, as well. The images remove from the backing sheet easily and stamp well the first time. An awesome, adorable, fun set! Definitely purchase this one.

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    Hercules of glue (31 July 2008)

    This stuff is strong and it dries clear. Yep, it's true. So many glues advertise that they dry clear when they really don't, but KI gloo does. I use it for all kinds of embellies, not just clear ones. I admit that I love glue dots for heavier embellies, but even the tiniest glue dot is sometimes not small enough. Enter KI gloo. A little dab works wonders. And when you use it on clear embellies, you really can't see it once it dries. It holds all manner of heavy stuff, too.

    The only downside is that the applicator can get clogged. Then I just use a pin to loosen it up.

    I like and use this stuff so much that I added it to my wishlist again. I figure I'll be through this bottle before long and ready to buy another!

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    Super easy to use! (10 June 2008)

    Although the converter feels a bit heavy and ungainly, it's super easy to use. You just slide it right under the cutting area of the sizzix machine and the powerful magnet pulls it right into place. It doesn't shift out of place while you are cutting. It hangs in there easily and with no fuss. Popping it off is just as easy.

    This converter makes it so I rarely use my sidekick anymore. I just pop the converter on and cut all of my sidekick dies in my original sizzix machine. I love it!

    The only down side that I see is that sometimes I have to pump the Sizzix handle a bit more for the sizzlit dies than for the original dies (done without the converter, of course), but this doesn't really bother me. I still like the pump action handle better than trying to use the Sidekick and it works fine with 3 or so pumps of the handle. Definitely worth it.

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    Keeps on working and working and working... (10 June 2008)

    I got my Sizzix quite some time ago. I stocked up on these pads whenever they went on sale. I've cut countless thing on the same pad. The pad looks ugly now; it's got cuts all in it and they're so superimposed over each other that you can't even tell what I ever cut on the thing. However, it keeps on working. I've had no problems. It's durable and lasts what feels like forever!

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    So easy to use for craft knife challenged people! (01 May 2008)

    Ok, so I admit it. I am terrible at using those craft knives. I cut the paper everywhere but where I want the cut to go. I just can't guide them well. Then I found this little tool. I was skeptical, but it was pretty cheap and I decided to give it a shot. I LOVE IT. It gives me so much control. It doesn't slide out of my hands like the regular craft knife. It doesn't twist when I don't want it to twist. I just put the orange handle around my finger and use the tip of my finger against the metal area to guide it, sort of like a pencil. It cuts really well and accurately. It takes a bit of getting used to when you have this hard plastic band around your finger, but it's not uncomfy. It's just different. I'd recommend this to anyone else who is craft-knife challenged like me!

  • Getcha some! (10 April 2008)

    I LOVE this grunge board. Ok, so the teensy weensy bit of a smell that comes from it when you first open the package is a bit off-putting. However, it goes away when you paint or ink the stuff or if you just leave it sit out for a bit. As for what I love about this stuff...well, there's quite a few things. 1) it bends and you can roll it up. No creasing like you get with chipboard. None. 2) It moves with the page as you are turning pages in your album. No popping off like stiff chipboard. It just goes with the flow. 3) paint and ink colors remain vibrant and you don't need heavy coats to keep them that way. The paint doesn't get dull or soaked up like it does on some chipboard. 4) paint and ink both dry quickly on grungeboard. 5) the shapes are totally cool and versatile. Go on, what are you waiting for? Getcha some!

  • Difficulty cutting straight lines (23 January 2008)

    I was so excited to get this product and now I am just terribly disappointed. Maybe I am a trimmer idiot, but I have had no trouble with the other trimmers I have purchased. The problem I have with this one is that I cannot seem to get a consistently straight cut. There's no "lip" at the bottom or top of the trimmer to butt the paper up against and there are not many grid lines, which makes it really hard to see if you have the paper on the cutting surface straight. Once you have taken a while to figure out that your paper is straight, you have to hold the paper or guide down pretty tightly so that it does not shift. This is easier said than done.

    In addition to making it harder to see if things are straight, the lack of grid lines makes it difficult to cut unusual sizes. You have to measure your photo or paper first, make lines on it to mark the areas, then cut. Other trimmers with better grids take away that step by providing you with more lines to use as guides.

    I attempted to contact the company via email for some advice. After three weeks, I have yet to receive a reply. All I can hope for now is that the laminator works well. I have been so irritated with the trimmer part of it that I just put this tool to the side and have not even tried the laminating yet!

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    Fun and multi-purpose (16 January 2008)

    I love this template. My husband bought it for me for Christmas. I love that there are different shapes and sizes of arrows, as well as neat little dots that work perfectly with them. This template is great for tracing arrows onto the back of your paper and then cutting them out. It's also made of sturdy stuff that won't tear easily. I inadvertently yanked this one while it was under something heavy. It didn't rip!

  • Fun and easy to use! (16 January 2008)

    These little arrows are a fun embellie. The colors are bright and really pop. Since they are cut from thin plastic, they have the same color all the way through. This really helps when you are doodling in a light color and make a mistake on one side! Just flip it over. Then again, there's so many in the pack that you can just grab another one! They are also really thin and lightweight. Mine stayed attached with a bit of mono-adhesive. No heavy-duty adhesive needed. I just wish there were more arrow shapes in each set, rather than just the three different types of arrow shapes. If you use arrows a lot or have a hard time free-handing them, this is a great product for you!

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    Great effect on photos (09 January 2008)

    So I bought these pens on a buying spree, with no real idea of what in the heck I'd do with them. Then a neighbor on this site told me about using them to write on photos! They work so well, not only on photos, but also on other slick surfaces. The inks go on light and dry much darker, although they are still a pastel color. I hope Sakura comes out with darker colors, too because I would definitely buy them! The ink comes out very smoothly. It's a bit thick, so these are not the best pens for super-fine work. I love them for outlining things, doodling, and as I said, writing on photos. I try to write a little larger than my normal handwriting so the ink on the tighter areas of the letters does not run together. Then I just make sure to set the item to the side to let the ink dry. The ink dries very quickly, in just a few moments, even on slick surfaces. You can tell when it's dry, too, which is a definite positive for an impatient scrapper like me. As for the puffy aspect, I really don't think they get all that puffy but I didn't really expect them to since it's not paint.

  • Lots of good ideas (06 January 2008)

    This is the only one of the Becky Higgins' sketch books that I own and I love it. I was a bit skeptical about getting it and actually didn't even crack the cover for a few days. However, the first time I got in a rut, I yanked it out and found just the right sketch to help me out. I love how the pages are tabbed and sorted by the number of pictures used. In addition to the sketches and examples, she provides little helpful "notes" at the bottom which give some suggestions and hints on ways to improvise on her sketches and/or improve your page. I love the size of this book, too, because it's small enough to haul to a crop and to store in a shallow drawer. The down side to the size is that it means the text and photos are small, too. I like that it's spiral bound so it stays open to the sketch I am referencing, but the spiral and hardback also mean it's not the lightest of books. I don't think this is a big deal, though, because the content far outweighs that little drawback. I have since referenced it several times. For me, her sketches give me inspiration and a starting point for the page. Mine rarely end up looking like the sketch, but that's okay. I use the book for inspiration and it works great! Love it!

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    Stuck to you! (05 January 2008)

    This is my fave adhesive for attaching photos and paper. It has a super-smooth delivery and adheres so well. Too well, sometimes, because I sometimes can't get it off once I have attached the item down! The refills are really easy to change. I am refill-challenged and never have a problem with this one. Just snap the old one out and snap the new one in. It takes less than 30 seconds. The only down side is that sometimes when it is near the end, the adhesive can get a little gumped up on the applicator. I just remove it with a fingernail and it's good to go again. A definite must have for me!

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    Amazing white write! (05 January 2008)

    A friend recommended this pen to me and I see why. This is perhaps the brightest white ink I have seen. The ink really shows up on any dark surface. I have used it to write on black and even embellies like buttons. It's smooth to write with and the point is pretty precise. It sometimes takes a sec to get started but that is a minor issue only. This pen rocks! I have tried other white pens and this is the ONLY one that has written well on everything. Love it!

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    too hard to use! (02 January 2008)

    Now, I am not a fan of doing hand- or machine-stitching. I've done the hand-stitching thing and love the effect but it's a lot of work and it's time consuming. Enter the straight stitch rub-on tape. I was so excited to get this product, which made it all the more disappointing when it didn't deliver. It takes an art that I obviously don't possess to make these go on evenly. Practice did not make perfect, although I finally found an angle that delivered about 3/4 of the time. However, I still had to go back over 1/4 of it with a black marker and that just looked sloppy. I should have stuck to hand-stitching or drawing each stitch! The idea is great, but the quality wasn't there in my opinion. Such a disappointment, sine I usually love Daisy D products!

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    Perfectly even stitch every time! (23 December 2007)

    The sewing machine and I don't get along. Never have and I think I finally just gave in to the fight. The machine wins and I just sew by hand! These little bugs make that a lot easier. The stitches are perfectly even each and every time. Plus, with the option of a single or double line of holes, you can even experiment with different stitches (like the straight line stitch or diagonals, for instance). If you are a perfectionist and want that perfectly straight line, use a higher edged item than a ruler to run them along, though. These guys run so smoothly that you run up on the low edge of a ruler if you are not careful. Also, be advised that these little guys are great, but not miracle workers. They can't cut through multiple layers of super-heavy cardstock without some serious pressure from your hand. However, they'll still leave enough of an indent that you can see just fine where to put the needle through. All in all, a great product that is definitely worth the tiny bit of space they'll take in your cropping tote! Besides, who can resist PINK???