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ImForwardByDesign's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Pinecone Turns To Brown (06 May 2011)

    This blossom is great. The only issue I had was it appeared to be more of a greenish brown. They are definately more of a chocolate brown. Even though the color was off I was pleasently surprised that they would work for another project I had going. They are so dainty and cute. They work with endless embellishments. They would be a wise choice to keep on hand if you are a blossom person.

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun Floral (06 May 2011)

    These blossoms are absolutely fun and playful, yet they can become sophisticated and gentle, it just all depends on where you want to take them. They come in different sizes so you can use them single or you can stack them. Each blossom has a different detail. I would love to keep these on hand. They just seem to fit whatever I decide to do with them.

  • Verified Buyer

    Beautiful Rose Leaves (06 May 2011)

    You'll want these front and center on any LO. They are leaves with fabric rose accents on them. They are absolutely beautiful and make a great addition to any floral LO. This product is easy to use and just holds an elegance that makes everything look richer. I enjoyed them very much.

  • Verified Buyer

    The Perfect Fit (06 May 2011)

    This product has endless possibilities. The colors pair well with many patterns and color schemes. They are easy to glue down and they take the effort out of floral designs. I couldn't be more pleased. If you don't want them front and center, they blend away just as nice.

  • Verified Buyer

    Pearl Perfection (06 May 2011)

    This was the first time I ever used this product line. It was so easy and simple I was amazed. They offer endless possiblities design wise. I used this with a floral design. I will continue to use them until I cannot find them any longer.

  • Verified Buyer

    Easy to Work With (06 May 2011)

    These blossoms are so fun and completely easy to work with. You can use them as a single layer or you can stack them up. They come in a slight color variation. They easily fit with many brads or other embellishments. The colors are fun and playful. I would recommend these to everyone.

  • Verified Buyer

    The Best Trimmer (20 October 2009)

    I bought this trimmer 2 weeks ago and already I am able to do more of the scrap projects I want to do. This trimmer makes frames and mattes easy as ever. The blade cuts in both directions and you can easily measure your paper. It cuts 12x12 paper and heavy cardstock like a breeze. The best part is it takes up hardly any space on my scrap table. I don't have much space so this is awesome.

    The blade is easy to remove from this trimmer so you can put it away and not worry about your kids or pets. The blade stays exactly where it needs to be when you are using it. This trimmer cuts clean and very straight lines. You can also begin your cut in the middle of your paper keeping your options wide open for cutting many creations.

    The rubber feet at the corners keep this trimmer right where it needs to be and it also has a rubber foot in the middle to help stablize it. The arm swings out with ease and won't swing out when you don't want it to. It is built really well and that is why I always go for the Fiskars brand. They have been a top cutting brand for years.

    I would reccomend this trimmer to anyone, espceially people who have limited scrap space, or those who need to carry their trimmers with them. The price is right for new scrappers just starting out and it gets the job done. I personally can not find anything wrong with this trimmer. It does everything it promises to do and more when you think outside the box.

  • Verified Buyer

    Easy Piercing (09 August 2008)

    I am so happy to have this paper piercer. I have been using anything from a large yarn needle and a pair of pliers to a nail to make my piercings but they have never looked as clean as this tool has made my holes. It is easy on my hands and it takes the work out of piercing. The piercer it's self is angled but for good reason. If it were striaght you would pierce your fingers every single time.

    I reach for this tool about as much as I reach for my cutting knife. It not only pierces but it also helps me place small objects, unclog glue dispencers, make marks in paper without them being noticed, and it has saved me time and tons of money. I no longer have paper mistakes with this tool. For anyone using anything else to replace this tool it would be a wise investment to make. In my paper stitching I no longer have border breakage because my holes were too large or too small. I am saving paper from not having to start over and my pages look so much better.

    The only downfall to this tool is the piercing needle is not completely centered in the handle although I was able to fix the slight lean easily. I don't know how I ever got a long without it now that I have it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Paper Stitching Made Easy (09 August 2008)

    I love this product and if you like to add paper stitching to your pages you'll love them too. This package comes with four templates that offer two easy to make stitching patterns on each one. I have never sewn before but this makes paper stitching a breeze. Your pages will thank you for this purchase time and time again.

    This product has saved me tons of money. I no longer have to purchase ready made items or already cut borders. I now can make them myself and they look as if I had purchased them. They make several templates besides these ones and you'll love them all. They do more than just offer a great solution to borders you can use them in many, many other ways. You can create stitched photo borders, put stitches together to add accent or detail, and use them to create one of a kind embellishments. They work for other things besides paper, you know can stitch on flowers, tags, or any other detail piece you might want to use.

    This product also saves me a ton of time. I no longer have to measure out all of my stitches and make sure all of my marks line up. Now I can just drop the template on my page and pierce my paper. It is already measured out for me. Anyone can use this product from adults to kids. It is that easy. I can not stop using my In Stitch'z Template Collection. I haven't been this excited about a product in a long time. Thank You Bazzill Basics!

  • Verified Buyer

    Easy Chalk (28 July 2008)

    I bought this product to add color to some embossing I had done. I had never worked with chalk before but it was very friendly and easy to use.

    The chalk comes in round containers that stack nicely. This product gives you a color pallet in each disk that compliments each other. The chalk comes out of the disk or you can use a multitude of application methods.

    I have used this chalk for softening photo and paper borders. I have used it wet to get a dramatic color or dry to get a softer color. This product works great for embossing and has many, many other uses. Don't be afraid to play with it. This product is easily wiped away with a chalk away eraser.

    The only down side to this product is to make sure you don't drop it or knock it off your table. It will shatter and make a horrible mess you may not be able to clean up. As long as you respect the product you are working with this is a great product and I would recommend using it.

  • Verified Buyer

    A Page For Everything and More (25 July 2008)

    The Travel Stack has been a fun and friendly help in building my scrapbook. This is another one of my very first purchases and I have not been sorry. In fact I ended up buying this stack in another page size as I have seen three page sizes so far.

    This stack has textured cardstock for every travel occassion. Whether you are making memories in country or out of country this stack has it all. It has pages of phrases, which I found fun, Street Names, Travel Stickers, Gambling Pages, for those who love to hit the casino, and pages that will set the tone for your memories in Paris, Europe, Hong Kong, or where ever you might want to go. It has a Tropical Theme, Boarding Pass pages, and even a Textured Suitcase look. The very best part is all the pages mesh well together so you can use multiple pages out of this stack on one page and still have a clean themed look.

    I have used these pages as a complete background or used them in paper layering. I have this product in two sizes just for that purpose. The pages are extremely easy to glue into place. I use a cheap glue stick with mine. These pages make paper piercing a dream and don't shred on the very most outer edge. Paper tearing is very easy as well as long as you wet them before you rip into them. This cardstock is thick and bold able to take anything you can throw at it. So far I am sure I have pushed it to the max.

    This product also has many embellishments to compliment it and your style. If your budget doesn't allow for all the embellishments you can buy finding and making your own isn't rocket science with this stack. The possibilities are endless. It is completely versatile and can be used for other themes. Travel is what they call it but you aren't stuck just within those boundaries. Be creative and this product will take you on a trip.

  • Endless Possibilities (24 July 2008)

    This product was one of the very first things I bought to scrapbook with. It has endless possibilities as it functions for not only family vacations but also projects that entail anything that has to do with being on the move. Some good examples would be a post card scrapbook, construction themes, useful in creating road signs, tags for many occasions, and much more. With this box you can let your mind wander away from travel and you'll still find it most useful, although, if you are travel themed you will want this product.

    I found this product to be easy to use. The pieces are simple to glue into place with a simple glue stick, easy to write on for more character, and easy to customize in any way you can imagine. They work well as an accent or can carry a design if needed to. One box will allow you many, many projects or pages for a great price that is cost effective.

    The pieces in this box are so veritile they were just exactly what I was looking for when I made a custom birthday card for my nephew who loves Tonka Toys and the construction industry.

    These chipboard pieces compliment The Travel Stack Textured Cardstock. There are many other Die Cuts with a View Travel themed pieces to compliment this product so it is easy to pick a theme and stick with it. I continue to love this product and would use it again and again for my projects.