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Forevervampress's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Liquid Gold (28 June 2010)

    I love this embossing powder so much! When you heat it, the powder bubbles up into liquid gold and when it dries it looks gorgeous! I am not a fan of gold (I prefer silver mostly) but I use this product much more than I expected!

  • Clear Impressions (02 June 2010)

    These stamps give such clear impressions every time. I love the designs, especially those stars! Inspiring words, too!

  • Verified Buyer

    Clearly Crackled (01 May 2010)

    This is the cooles crackle paint ever! I really like how you can crackle over photos and embellies! I love using this stuff! I especially like to ink over the crackled finish!

  • Verified Buyer

    Awesome Material (20 April 2010)

    Grungepaper is such a cool material to work with! Love that it is thinner that grungeboard yet is sturdy and flexible! This stuff is great, especially when you want to be careful about tearing.

  • Verified Buyer

    Like a vintage tablecloth (20 April 2010)

    I love the look of this paper. It reminds me of a vintage tablecloth or tea towel! So cute! And I love the blue of the background!

  • Verified Buyer

    Dark Bingo (20 April 2010)

    It's about time I found some black bingo cards! I really love the look of bingo cards on layouts but I want to see more unusual colors! Black is definitely a good color for me in these!

  • Verified Buyer

    Cute as Cute Can Be (20 April 2010)

    This little studded embellishment is so cute! look at that face! how could you not love it. The only problem I had with this was losing a couple of the studs from it because I wasn't gentle enough peeling it off the paper. Other than that I had no problems with it and it made the page I used it on look awesome!

  • Verified Buyer

    So Many Pocket Watches! (20 April 2010)

    I really like this paper! I love anythin with clocks on it so all the watches on this paper make it one of my favorites!

  • Verified Buyer

    Awesome Additions (20 April 2010)

    These cards are such awesome additions to any layout! Really cool images that anyone would love to include in any vintage project!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great illusion (20 April 2010)

    These little pages give a great illusion. The images are beautiful and you can see through them to the book pages and script underneath. A wonderful addition to any vintage page!

  • Verified Buyer

    Red Ledger Page (20 April 2010)

    Love that this is a ledger page in an unusual color. not that erd is unusual but that most ledger papers come in white, beige, or ivory! Really cool paper! I love that it looks distressed already!

  • Verified Buyer

    Buttons and more buttons (20 April 2010)

    I really liked the tidbits in here, which are mostly buttons, but I would have really liked to see some more unusual pieces. These are cute though and its nice to have all of one color in a package.

  • Verified Buyer

    Cherry-O (20 April 2010)

    Cutest little cherry design on a beautifully delicate pink background!

  • Verified Buyer

    Rock Star Papers (20 April 2010)

    This paper pack rocks! The paper designs are so cool! Very teen and rocker friendly! They don't make too many papers like these! Luv them!

  • Verified Buyer

    Tea time (20 April 2010)

    These mini stamps are adorable! They stamp very clear images and the images are adorable! Wish they made these in a larger size!

  • Verified Buyer

    The key to my heart (20 April 2010)

    These keyholes and keys are so elegant and detailed! I love them! they can be used in layouts, cards and even in jewelry! Really pretty!

  • Verified Buyer

    Tick Tock (20 April 2010)

    These clock faces are one of the coolest embellishments I've seen. I happen to love clocks, though. lol. You can leave them as is or add one of the game spinners from this collection to make it look more authentic.

  • Verified Buyer

    Charming! (08 April 2010)

    These clear fragments are great to make your own little charms! You just add an image to the back and viola! you have a charm to use on a bracelet or necklace or even on a scrapbook page. So much fun to play with!

  • Verified Buyer

    Admit One (08 April 2010)

    These cute little addage tickets are so much fun to use! They are small enough that you can add them any where on a layout and add that extra appeal! A great way to convey a thought or a feeling about the subject you are scrapping about!

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun Paper (25 September 2009)

    I used this paper for a Halloween LO but I think it can be used for any number of LO's. It was a fun design to use.

  • Creates Mystery (23 September 2009)

    The design on this paper is wonderful; it creates some mystery which is a good thing for a Halloween paper. I did not like how glossy the paper finish was though. I would have preferred just the black and white accents to be glossy and the rest of the paper to be matte.

  • Cute Little Stamps (20 September 2009)

    The stamps are small but add an adorable touch to a LO.