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Marie Nicole's Reviews

  • Finally! (25 May 2021)

    Finally some storage envelopes for those slimline dies and stamps and stencils! Thank you!

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    Cutest Storage Ever! (25 May 2021)

    This is THE CUTEST storage piece ever! Absolutely perfect for 6x6 papers but I also use them to store my traveler's notebooks. LOVE!

  • Great and Multi-Use! (25 May 2021)

    This is such a great unit to organize your stickers OR stamps OR almost anything else!

  • LOVE these! (24 May 2021)

    These are just perfect for your journaling cards and/or pocket page cards. They work great with the pocket card storage box. Love these!

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    Perfect (24 May 2021)

    This is absolutely PERFECT for storing all my journaling cards! Pair it with the journaling card tabbed dividers to keep things neat and organized!

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    So cute (24 May 2021)

    These beach cards are so cute! I was able to use them in a pocket page layout to document our kids' first trip to the ocean. Love!

  • Great Tool (19 April 2021)

    Great for ink blending and creating with mixed media. Be aware that it could stain with certain colors or mediums, but that doesn't effect your crafting one bit!

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    LOVE (19 April 2021)

    The paper pads from Scrapbook have become my go-to when die cutting and layering. ALL the pretty colors, too! I think the Floral and Sherbet pads are my favorite colors to work with. Gorgeous!

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    Perfect Pink (19 April 2021)

    This is the most perfect soft shade of pink. And it has a pearl shine to it!

  • Stunning! (19 April 2021)

    Wow! This one is so beautiful! Can you imagine a stained-glass effect with this die?

  • Pretty! (19 April 2021)

    Beautiful and intricate- yet cuts like butter. A great design to have!

  • Yes (19 April 2021)

    This is another great one! I can't wait to layer this set with a few other colors to make some fun christmas cards.

  • Great Basic Supply to Have (19 April 2021)

    Another great layering set with embellished corners! A great set to have on hand in your craft room!

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    Oh, My Stars! (19 April 2021)

    This die is so amazing! Love using it for starry sky backgrounds, stenciling, and cutting out loose confetti star pieces. So. Many. Options!

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    Scallops! (19 April 2021)

    I love having the option to cut scalloped card layers- and for slimlines!

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    Cute (19 April 2021)

    I mean really... can it get cuter? I love that this die can be used for a background, stencil, and to cut out little confetti or embellishment hearts!

  • So Helpful (19 April 2021)

    Don't underestimate how helpful it is to be able to cut perfect slimline layers. This is a basic cardmaking set that is a must in my craft room!

  • Must Have (19 April 2021)

    Being able to cut perfect slimline layers is such a wonderful thing! Love that these have the added feature of rounded corners.

  • Gorgeous (19 April 2021)

    Wow! This is a gorgeous design! Also would work great to cut out and use as a stencil!

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    Perfect (19 April 2021)

    I use the Bold Basic dies all the time. Having the matching numbers is so worth it!

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    Love These! (19 April 2021)

    Tall and Skinny is one of my favorite SBC die fonts. Love that they now have the numbers to go with!

  • Yes! (19 April 2021)

    LOVE that SBC has number dies now. Perfect for journaling, albums, and birthday cards!

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    Love (19 April 2021)

    I love having a few stamp sets that are verses. Perfect for sending to loved ones for encouragement.

  • Perfect (19 April 2021)

    Perfect for the graduate and also other congrats-themed cards!

  • So Uplifting (19 April 2021)

    Sometimes I struggle with what to write inside my cards- especially to a loved one who is hurting. These verses are perfect for those times when someone needs some comfort.

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    Super Cute! (19 April 2021)

    These animals! So cute! Perfect for adding to a number of cards for any occasion.

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    Adorable (19 April 2021)

    This little set is so sweet! I used the "home" sentiment on a mini canvas to create a cute housewarming gift.

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    Love this Set (19 April 2021)

    So versatile! I love using small floral images to build wreaths and stamp backgrounds. This is perfect for that!

  • Great Designs (19 April 2021)

    All the border dies you ever need! These are great for adding to not only slimline cards, but regular size cards, as well. Just trim them down to size!

  • Stunning (19 April 2021)

    This die is amazing! So many scenes you could create with this one!

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    Perfect (25 February 2021)

    Love the size of these albums! The 9x12 albums are perfect for memory keeping. The page protector are durable and can hold quite a few photos and journaling cards. They also work well with the Fuse tool if you want to make custom pockets

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    Perfect (17 January 2021)

    These albums are so cute! The 6x8 are the perfect size for adding photos and journaling, but I also use them for storing my stencils. Perfect craft room storage solution

  • Beautiful Albums (17 January 2021)

    All of these albums are just gorgeous! I have the 9x12 gold dotted one and its so pretty sitting on my shelf. I can't wait to fill it with memories!

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    Sturdy Card Base! (17 January 2021)

    True to the name, these are ultra thick! Perfect, sturdy card bases for your creations. I also love that these come with the envelopes, so you can make cards and send them out right away!

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    Love Slimlines (05 January 2021)

    I was so excited to see Scrapbook add the slimline cards to their store! I already love the other card bases they have, and being able to have slimlines is terrific. Great quality, and love having precut cards.

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    Great Storage (04 January 2021)

    All the Scrapbook envelopes are such great storage. Ive used the smaller sizes for dies, stamps, and papers. How awesome to have a 13x13 size for 12x12 paper and storing projects together?

  • Beautiful (04 January 2021)

    Waves, wind, water, clouds... this stencil can be so many things. Beautiful!

  • Love It (04 January 2021)

    I was so excited for this stencil. Cheetah print is so in right now! Looks great as a full background or as a detail on die cuts and small areas. So fun!

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    Pretty (04 January 2021)

    Such a pretty stencil! I love the open floral areas. I ink blended and then used a pen to doodle some details. Fun background!

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    Fun (04 January 2021)

    Hello! This is such a fun stencil! I used some glitter paste over a rainbow background and WOW! Love it!

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    Lovely (04 January 2021)

    This stencil design is really pretty! I used it with some white texture paste to give my card background some subtle texture and design. It turned out so pretty!

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    Gorgeous (04 January 2021)

    I absolutely love the designs on this card set. The watercolor-type greenery and the woodgrain designs are my favorite. I've made a few cards with these already. Beautiful!

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    So Sweet! (04 January 2021)

    The colors and images in this collection are so sweet! They have a few girl/boy themed cards, but most of the colors are pretty neutral!

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    Cute (04 January 2021)

    Cute images and patterns, great quality paper. Perfect for journaling, albums, planners, and cards!

  • Fun (04 January 2021)

    These are such a fun theme! Use them in a travel journal or to document your wanderings. Love it!

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    Love (04 January 2021)

    These cards are great quality paper, and the designs are so fun. Lots of creative ideas to work with here

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    cute (04 January 2021)

    Such cute designs! So many possibilities with these cards- journaling, planners, albums, even cards or sending fun notes to friends.

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    Christmas Cute (04 January 2021)

    So cute! Full of fun patterns and images. The paper is a nice quality, too! Great for a December daily, or to add to Christmas cards.

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    Great for Journaling (04 January 2021)

    Perfect cards for journaling in your albums and planners. I even have used a few to write notes to throw in family members' lunchboxes. So fun!

  • Great Quality (04 January 2021)

    These journaling cards are really great quality! I was surprised at the quality of paper, they are pretty sturdy and I love the lines... keeps me writing straight! Perfect for adding to planners and journals and albums.

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    Stores So Much (04 January 2021)

    I have this storage unit on top of my craft cart. It stores so much! The front sections I use for scissors, glue, journaling cards, and small stamps that I plan to use. The middle area I have filled with my Memorydex punch, more journaling cards, scissors, pens, and other items I frequently use.

    The back storage area is deep, so I can get several MISTIs in there, as well as some of my alphabet die sets and Scrapbook's sticker books. SO. MUCH. STORAGE.

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    Cute and Functional (04 January 2021)

    First of all, this is the cutest little paper storage I have seen.

    Its also super functional. Works perfectly for your small 6x6 paper pads, card bases and flats. You don't need to stick to just paper for this, though! If you flip it on its back, you have divided slots to drop in your 6x8 stamp sets or even stencils. Ive also seen others use it as pen and marker storage.

    Its functional and affordable storage.

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    Perfect Storage (04 January 2021)

    This box is just the right size for storing a variety of your craft supplies. The top drawer is divided, and works well for pens and little items that you use frequently. The bottom three drawers are completely open, and I have one filled with my little ink cubes. 32 ink cubes in one drawer! If you wanted to use this for ink storage you could get 96 ink cubes in this thing! Fits well on my shelf, and easy to move around, as well.

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    So fun! (28 December 2020)

    This is a great cut file. You get a great value with this buy. There are so many cut options to completely customize your little house! I created a Christmas house this year, and I might try to make one house each year to create a growing village. Fun!

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    Too cute! (19 December 2020)

    One of my new favorite stencils. Who doesn't love cacti? So cute!

  • Loving the Shine (27 November 2020)

    The reinkers are a great addition to your metallic ink pads. Add to your ink pad if its feeling dry, but you can ALSO use the reinkers for splatters or adding to other mediums to create shimmery paints. So fun!

  • Great to have! (27 November 2020)

    The reinkers for the metallic inks are great to have on hand. Juice up your ink pad if its feeling dry, OR use the reinkers to add splatters or mix with other mediums to create shimmery colors. So fun!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love it! (27 November 2020)

    I love this gold ink! Great for stencils, and I even like to just swipe the ink pad across my backgrounds to add some shiny streaks.

  • Fun Inks! (27 November 2020)

    Loving these metallic inks! They are pigment inks, so it takes a little longer for them to dry. I like to add them over stencils to add a shimmery background to my cards.

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect for Cards! (27 November 2020)

    I am loving these cardstock paper pads! Perfect size for cardmaking and so many colors, but with it in a small pad it doesnt take up a ton of space in my craft area.

    This paper die cuts and takes different mediums well. I have even had great results when foiling on it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Cute (17 November 2020)

    Such a cute die! Perfect size for gift tags, I created a set of tags ready to go on Christmas gifts with this one !

  • Pretty (17 November 2020)

    I have these and they are so pretty! Love the added bling to my craft room. I have been using one along with the exclusive Magic Mat, and so far my plate has not cracked or warped at all. Hoping they last forever! :D

  • Verified Buyer

    Loving it so far! (17 November 2020)

    I have been using my Magic Mat in my Spellbinders Platinum 6, and so far I love it! The gridded surface is great for lining things up when I want it to, and I have had no warping yet, even after about 2 weeks of consistent use. Excited to see how it holds up as I continue to use it!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great for Storage (17 November 2020)

    I have been loving these page protectors for storing stencils! They work perfectly to add your stencils to, I even leave the packaging with them so I know the name and brand. I get two stencils to one page- one in the front, and one on the flip side. Perfect!

  • Small but Essential (13 November 2020)

    I have these with my Memorydex and I love them. They allow you to display an individual card without it falling over. Great for if you need to have a certain card displayed.

  • Get Organized (13 November 2020)

    I love these tabs! Already a little gold accent for you, and makes alphabetizing your Memorydex quick and easy.

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    So Pretty! (13 November 2020)

    I just got the exclusive blush Memorydex from Scrapbook and it is so pretty! First time jumping into the Memorydex craze but I am excited for it. Love!

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    Perfect for Tiny Die Cuts (13 November 2020)

    These are becoming my go-to tool for working with little embellishments or die cuts. I like how the tweezers will stay closed until you squeeze them to release your paper. I use them for holding tiny die cuts while adding glue.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love! (13 November 2020)

    I love this design. It can be snowflakes if you want it to be... but it also can be versatile for all year crafting.

  • Verified Buyer

    So Cute (13 November 2020)

    Love these little paws! Perfect for your animal-loving projects!

  • Cute! (13 November 2020)

    How cute! Love that you can stencil a full background OR stencil an individual kitty for smaller projects like tags.

  • A Lil Sunshine (13 November 2020)

    Who doesn't need a sunshine stencil? Love how open this one is- you can ink individual icons, OR blend, shift the stencil, and blend again with a new color to get a colorful background with this. Cute!

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    Wordfetti FTW! (13 November 2020)

    Loving all the Wordfetti sets! This one is so classic with the circle sentiments. Perfect for backgrounds or adding a sentiment. Love!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love the Labels (13 November 2020)

    I absolutely love the label look of these stamps. So easy to stamp and fussy cut to add to projects. Perfect for documenting

  • Verified Buyer

    So Perfect (13 November 2020)

    Im in love with the typewriter font here! You can use these phrases on a vintage-style project, or add to a layout to document the holidays.

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    Love This (13 November 2020)

    This stamp set has been one of my go-to sets for Christmas this year. Not only are the words easy to stamp and cut out, but you can also layer them up on your cardstock and stamp a background for your cards! Love it!

  • So Happy (13 November 2020)

    Love the little phrases here. These stamps coordinate with Scrapbook's rainbow die and I think they are just perfect for scrapbooking.

  • Lovely Sentiments (13 November 2020)

    Such great phrases to add to your Christmas cards or layouts. Perfect to mix with letter dies to build a custom sentiment.

  • So Sweet (13 November 2020)

    I sometimes struggle with knowing what to write inside cards. I think this stamp set is perfect for adding a smile to the inside of your cards before sending.

  • Verified Buyer

    How Cute is This? (13 November 2020)

    So many great images in this set! There are so many Christmas and holiday options for crafting here. Love it!

  • Beautiful Frames (13 November 2020)

    I love the variety of styles and sizes for these frames. Stamping a background or using them to frame small sentiments would be perfect. I also plan to use these to decorate envelopes before mailing.

  • Gorgeous (13 November 2020)

    Love this set. The sentiments are perfect for all general card making, and the borders are so pretty. Could even use the borders to decorate an address on an envelope.

  • Verified Buyer

    Cute Halloween (13 November 2020)

    These images are so cute! Not spooky at all and they were perfect for making tags to put on goodie bags for my son's class.

  • All Heart (13 November 2020)

    Such a lovely sentiment set. Perfect phrases for documenting your favorite photos.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love! (06 October 2020)

    I absolutely LOVE these little envelopes! I use them with my alphabet dies. The dies are hard to keep together in the original packaging so these envelopes are the perfect solution to that.

  • Verified Buyer

    So Simple, So Awesome (06 October 2020)

    These dividers are such a simple way to get organized. I like to label the tabs and use them to divide my stamps and dies by brand.

  • Verified Buyer

    Such fun Fonts! (06 October 2020)

    I love these fun fonts! I used this on a birthday card and the dies cut so nice, and the fonts look amazing on cards.

  • Document Those Photos! (06 October 2020)

    These sentiments would go great with the beach themed words! Perfect for layouts and planners!

  • Journal Those Summer Photos! (06 October 2020)

    The perfect sentiments for summer photos! Add to planners and layouts!

  • Great Sentiments for Journaling (06 October 2020)

    If you like to scrapbook, journal, or do planners, these sentiments are a great addition for that! Lovely font, too!

  • Verified Buyer

    Always Need More Christmas Sentiments! (06 October 2020)

    Im always looking for more Christmas sentiments! I send out a ton of Christmas cards. These dies are perfect for that!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great for Cards (06 October 2020)

    Perfect fonts and sentiments to add to cards. My most frequently used cards are thank yous and hellos, so these sentiments are a necessity in my craft room.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great Quality (06 October 2020)

    Great quality, and perfect letters for crafting! You get both the uppercase AND lowercase letters!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great Basic Supply to Have (06 October 2020)

    This is such a perfect font to have in your stash. Add to cards, layouts, and other projects. I love that you get the uppercase and lowercase!

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect for Gift Tags (06 October 2020)

    I used this little die for Christmas gift tags. Worked perfectly!

  • Cute and Versatile (06 October 2020)

    This little die is perfect for so many crafting uses! Just the right size for a card but you could also use it as a tag or for a scrapbook layout or even make class valentines. Cute!

  • Cute! (06 October 2020)

    This die is so cute! You can cut it several times, layer different colors together, and have a number of rainbows ready to layer onto a set of cards. Perfect!

  • Verified Buyer

    Cute Storage! (27 September 2020)

    These little jars are so cute for storing shaker mixes and sequins. I even have one of the mini jars filled with googly eyes. Love having them organized and it looks great in my craft room.

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect Crafting Tape (27 September 2020)

    This Mint Tape has been my go-to for crafting lately! So easy to tear and hold down my stencils or mask off areas to ink blend. I also love that its more like a post-it, so you can write on it and reposition it easily. Great for taking notes in a planner, as well.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not Your Typical Glue! (27 September 2020)

    This glue has been fun to work with, but keep in mind is varies from your typical glue. Smart glue will dry tacky, so you will be able to go ahead and foil with it, which is so fun! Also, the glue is a tad thinner than some other brands, so keep that in mind while applying- you do no need to squeeze on the bottle hardly at all! Once I got used to these small changes, I am loving the glue. Ive already foiled several cards with it!

  • Stencil Storage (27 September 2020)

    I finally have a way to store my stencils! I love having them all in one place instead of having to search through my stash for them. Also, lots more room to grow my stencil collection! :)

  • Verified Buyer

    In Love (27 September 2020)

    In love with these bins. I have stored stamps, stencils, paper, dies, in these. The size is perfect for storing your stamp sets- even if you have larger 6x8 sets these will fit. I am planning on getting more of these to update my storage.

  • Essential for Storage (27 September 2020)

    I am always in need of more storage! I have been struggling for a good way to store smaller bits of paper, sticker books, and alphabet dies and the storage envelopes from Scrapbook are perfect. They also have a slit to tuck the flap into, so it is less bulky than envelopes that have a snap closure. Love these!

  • Verified Buyer

    Loving These (27 September 2020)

    I have really been enjoying the alphabet dies. Scrapbook has several full set alpha dies in several fun fonts. I love that you also get the uppercase AND lowercase when you purchase a set. I like to cut out my own sentiments for cards and these are perfect for that.

  • Gorgeous! (27 September 2020)

    All the word dies that Scrapbook has come out with recently have been fabulous. Fun, unique fonts that can be mixed and matched with their alphabet dies to create custom sentiments. Love!

  • Verified Buyer

    So fun! (27 September 2020)

    This sticker paper is so much fun to play with. You can print on it with an inkjet printer, which means you are able to create your own digital stickers and then print and cut.

    If you dont want to use the computer, you can also stamp, color, and create on this paper! So many options, I've been having fun playing with this!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love these Sticker Books (11 September 2020)

    I am loving the Sticker Books from Scrapbook! They are full of ready-to-go sentiments to add to albums and layouts, or the individual letters can be used on a card or other projects! Love the gold foiling, too!

  • Verified Buyer

    Such a Fun Set! (10 June 2020)

    This set is so much fun and full of creative titles and sentiments! This would be perfect for documenting a trip of your favorite vacation!

    I don't do a lot of scrapbooking, so I have used this set on cards. I think making a card with this to give to someone to announce your trip would be fantastic!

  • Verified Buyer

    Beautiful Stencil (10 June 2020)

    One thing I appreciate with's stencils is that the material they are made of is slick, so it really helps with ink blending.

    This stencil is beautiful for flowers, but I have also used it as fireworks on my cards. Great stencil for multiple uses!

  • Verified Buyer

    Fabulous (08 June 2020)

    Wow! This stencil is big and bold! I used it to watercolor by tracing the lines with a pencil and then adding color. This would also look fantastic when ink blending. Love this one!

  • Verified Buyer

    THE Most Sparkly Brush I've Used Yet! (07 June 2020)

    My goodness, this brush marker is SO SPARKLY! I've used other brands and this one wins on the sparkle factor! LOVE IT!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love (07 June 2020)

    I am in love with this stencil! I used it on a card with a little Altenew embossing paste, so the little clouds puffed up as I dried them with my heat tool. So cute!

  • Verified Buyer

    Too Cute (07 June 2020)

    These little rainbows are so super cute! They're also easy to go ahead and ink blend each rainbow individually, so you can make lots of different colored rainbows. One thing I appreciate with Scrapbook's stencils is they are slick, so ink moves around on them so well. Also super easy to clean!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love this ink! (01 April 2020)

    This hybrid black ink has become one of my favorites. Since its hybrid, you can use any medium with it once its dry- alcohol markers, watercolors, colored pencils- and it wont smear! It also gives a nice crisp impression, which is what I love in a black ink

  • Verified Buyer

    Great Stamp Set! (01 April 2020)

    This is such a great set to have in your stash. It has general sentiments that can go on cards for the most used occasions, like birthdays and thank you. I really love the little "happy mail" stamp that you can use on the outside of your envelopes!

  • Verified Buyer

    Beautiful! (14 March 2020)

    This is a beautiful stencil! What I like about all of the stencils is that they are so easy to work with when ink blending. The surface is smooth, so it helps your ink and blender glide easily.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great for Cards (05 February 2020)

    Love all these uplifting little sentiments! These are great for adding to your cards or building a title on your scrapbook page

  • Verified Buyer

    Great Letters (31 January 2020)

    These are such fun letters to stamp with. Great for building your own custom sentients and words.

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun Font! (31 January 2020)

    Great stamp set for building your own sentiments and titles on cards and scrapbook layouts! Love that it has those little symbols, too

  • Verified Buyer

    Great Design! (31 January 2020)

    Fun stencil that works great with the hybrid inks! Love the design

  • Verified Buyer

    Cute and Humorous! (16 December 2019)

    Love these sentiments! Perfect for stamping on the inside of a valentines card, or just making your cards a bit more humorous!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love these Bold Sentiments! (16 December 2019)

    These Valentine sentiments are so fun! I used the bold "xo's" to create a background for my Valentine cards.

  • Verified Buyer

    Thoughtful Sentiments (16 December 2019)

    Perfect sentiments for those who have lost pets. High quality clear stamps!

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect Sentiments (16 December 2019)

    Great quality stamps with thoughtful sentiments for those who have lost a pet. I also changed up a few of the sentiments and paired with Valentine's themes to create pet-lover's Valentines.

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect for Layouts (08 December 2019)

    This ephemera pack is so cute! Full of cute pieces of ephemera and perfect for layouts or planners. I used this pack to create a photo layout on an embroidery hoop and I love it!

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect for Christmas Backgrounds (04 December 2019)

    This stencil is so fun! Perfect for a modern Christmas background. I have used this stencil with glitter pastes for a shiny, glittery look on my cards.