Riorabbit's Reviews

  • Excited to have more options, but I will be sticking with WRMK (30 June 2008)

    I was really excited when I saw these. I love to use photo sleeves along with scrapbook layouts to create a hybrid album.
    However, I was dissapointed in the quality and price tag on these. When I really compared it they are a much cheaper and thinner page protector than the We R Memory Keepers and over twice the cost for what you get (you can get 25 of the WRMK pages for 11 dollars and you only get 10 of these for 10 dollars). I am glad to see the industry is offering more in this area, but I will stick with WRMK and hope other companies follow the trend and come out with more options.

    I am giving them three stars just because it is a step in the right direction, but over all I think these were poorly made and thought out. :(

  • Cute idea, but fairly repetitive. (30 June 2008)

    I love the idea of being able to put together an album that seems less stressful by combining photo sleeves with regular pages. This book really just expresses that idea in a twelve dollar format. It shouldn't take that price tag and that many pages to express the idea.

    The addition of showing off some cute ways to use their little border slot is nice, but the layouts in the book are really repetitive. The first two pages of the book are really all that is needed. Also, as much as I like seeing huge layouts that you can really read the journaling in, these seem to waste a ton of space because they just show huuge images of layouts rather than more layouts.

  • Verified Buyer

    It has its uses... (06 June 2008)

    Diamond glaze has some uses. It can add some pop to a layout if you just add it on top and use it for dimension. It also is an adhesive, but I find it to be messy and not one of my favorite adhesives. It seems to glog often too. That frustrates me. I also heard it was great for micro beads, but it seemed to be a mess for that. I ended up just using another adhesive for my microbeads.

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    Sticky and versatile! :) (06 June 2008)

    I love these little guys. They look great on thier own or you can embellish them more too. I have done layouts where I doodled on them and my most recent layout (in my gallery) I completely colored over them I needed a darker pink for the layout I was using. Just colored them with a zig pen and they worked perfectly!

    My favorite thing about them is they actually STICK though. Most dimensional letter stickers that I have found require additional adhesive because they lack stickyness. These don't.

    Oh and another way they can be altered is they can easily be cut. I ran out of "t"s and so I cut an "f" an flipped it upside down. I also ran out of "s" s and so I just cut the $ symbol and made it into an S. :) They are very versatile!

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    *SWOONS*...Everyone should have this pen (12 May 2008)

    I love this pen! It is amazing. It doesn't write like a big clunky marker or even a fine tip marker. seriously is like a pen! It allows you to add glue with amazing detail. You can write words in your regular handwriting that looks like a pen wrote it. Flocking powder and glitter stick to it perfectly! I have been having fun using it with flocking powder. It works great for the fine details of a design.

    It is kind of small so I would guess it gets used up fast, but mine is still going and I have been playing a fair amoun. :) I highly highly reccomend this product to everyone!

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    Love them! (03 May 2008)

    The quality on these stamps are fabulous. I was amazed at how well the detail turned out on each of them. They are a bit thinner than ctmh acrylics, but I have not had issues with them ripping. They also stick better than some of the cheaper acrylics out there. I love the variety of animals in this. Even the dog and cat come with a mini dog and cat. SOoo cute!

  • I LOOOOOOOOVE THESE! (01 January 2008)

    I LOVE these! They are my favorite way to organize photos. Now I can have all my photos in an album with scrapbook pages even before I scrapbook them! So nice! I love being able to flip through all my photos like a photo album instead of having them in a box!

    I also can use them to organize planned pages. I place the photos in the photo sleeves and then use a regular 12x12 page protector that I place in the album next to it to hold the papers and such. Once the page is complete the page goes in that 12x12 page protector and I use the photo sleeves for new photos!

    The other cool thing is if you are like me and you have events with tons of photos that you know you are not going to get around to scrapbooking, no stress. Just make a layout or two with your favorite photos and then place the other photos in a photo sleeve right behind that layout. That way the event is documented and your many photos are right next to it (not in a box or some other album)!

    Did I mention that I love these! I would give them way more than 5 stars, but the system won't let me! :)

  • Love it! (26 December 2007)

    It can be a bit messy, but I really enjoyed this product. It creates a great shimmering look on cardstock. I am not a fan of brassy tones, but this mist on cardstock has more of a light shimmer with brownish tints. Great for making a beach or sandy page!