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Invitation to Play

The Temple of Heaven has become a favorite place for old folks, disabled people, birds and even the occassional toddler to gather and share some fun.
These folks are enjoying a robust game of
poker, as are other groups all along this pavilion.
I bet that you could find a poker game any day of the week, or any hour of the day, as long as the park is open to visitors.

This woman came up to me and handed me a racket. Then she put a feathered ball on it and showed
me how to toss the ball back and forth with slow, gentle movements.
It is a pleasant form of exercise for people who are out of shape, like me.
After I was finished, I gave the racket to Lily.
Playing with Lily was probably more fun than with me.

It may have been illegal to do business in the Temple of Heaven, but that does not stop people when the guards are not looking.
After enticing me and Lily to play with her, the woman offered me the racket and ball for Fifty Yuan, which is equal to about $6.25 US.
I didn't really want the toys, but bought them
anyway because she had done such a clever job of selling them to me.

Created digitally, using PSP 9, Photoshop Elements 2.0, and digital scrapbooking files (like Ekits) from Cottage Arts.