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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I have a thing for chestnut geldings. I actually own two, and it's sort of a joke among my riding buddies that I always seem to find a good one wherever I go.

This fellow is named Trigger, and he was my mount for my "ride a horse on the beach" bucket list item when I went to Galveston with my riding coach in August of 2019.

Normally I wear a riding helmet, but it was August in south Texas, and I decided to balance the risk of falling on my head against the risk of sunstroke from not being able to evaporate heat from my head and opted to risk a no-helmet ride.

No worries. Trigger took care of me like I was his best friend. I think he heard the rumor about my affection for red geldings and hoped that I'd take him home with me.

Believe me. I tried. Told the owner that I'd come back with my trailer if he'd sell him to me, but he wasn't interested. Still - I left my phone number. Not often I find one as good as this boy, and I'm still hoping in the back of my head that I'll get a phone call soon telling me to come down and get him.

This is for my Week 16 Anything Goes Challenge ~
1. Animal Theme ~ an animal that you are familiar with. One thing I know is a good trail horse when I meet one.

2. Lift another person in the AGC circle. I lifted Sewflake's You're Awesome project.

3. Create an I.D. tag for your animal, use an animal type fiber, and use animal colored ink.

I'm really seriously behind in this challenge, but I'm not giving up!