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    Not very good for watercoloring stamps (02 November 2017)

    I purchased these and another set of colors of the same brand to use with the Art Impressions watercolor stamps. Upon trying them tonight, I quickly realized they don't work so well for watercolor stamping/painting. The package states they are water based dye ink. The colors do not spread very easily when water is applied and I suspect it has to do with these naming dye ink. These will be good for other art projects but not watercolor stamping. This brand of marker on the Art Impressions website has different packaging that clearly states watercolor, so I'm going to try those next.

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    Perfect for Paper Sets and Monthly Kits! (30 March 2015)

    I use these in a variety of ways.
    1. I subscribe to a monthly kit club and I use these to store each months kit. That way everything is in one place for each kit and easy to take to my craft table when I am ready to create! When I am done creating with the kit, I break everything down into my regular organizational binders and files.
    2. When I visit my LSS where I can buy paper by the sheet and pick up matching embellishments. I store the paper and embellishments in these files until I am ready to use them.
    3. Often I will "collect" things I need for specific upcoming projects and I will store all of the collected pieces in these files until I have what I need to do the project.

    So many uses for these files! I store these paper files in the Storage Studios Paper Holders. These keep to keep my shelves and projects in progress very neat and organized.

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    Ordered Cropper Hopper but... (12 February 2015)

    I ordered cropper hopper brand but received a different brand. They are slightly different than the cropper hopper brand but still serve the purpose well. If Cropper Hopper brand is not what is available it shouldn't be advertised. I'll continue to order but will order the other kind since that's what will be sent anyway.

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    Perfect! (25 October 2012)

    I bought this kit for my future daughter in law (she has never scrapbooked and this will be her first scrapbooking supplies). I was debating between this kit and a Becky Higgins Project Life kit but after much thought, I decided this kit would be much less overwhelming for her to start out with. After this kit arrived and I checked the quality (which was EXCELLENT!) I came back and ordered more components for this set. This looks like it will be a terrific kit for a beginner or even novice scrapper as there are not soo many pieces that it is overwhelming but just enough to end up with a nice year in review album. I am becoming a real fan of the Simple Stories line!

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    Worst album I ever purchased (13 October 2012)

    I bought this album to use for our wedding album and not long after I took it out of the wrapper, the album bowed. (There is a picture of it in my gallery). I contacted and they sent a replacement, which ended up doing the same thing. I offered to send the albums back to but they didn't want them back, which was okay with me. I commend for their awesome customer service in trying to fix the issue. Unfortunately, I wont ever be purchasing the leather bound albums from We R Memory Keepers. I do like their cloth albums and will buy those instead.

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    Love these little letters (13 October 2012)

    I saw these on some Ali Edwards layouts in her Project Life book and decided to research them a bit because I never heard of Lily Bee Design. I love the size of the letters and the different color combos in each pack. They are the perfect size for scrapbook layouts and even cards! Can't wait to order some more of the other color sets!

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    Nice Album! (06 June 2012)

    I had picked up one of these albums at HL and then decided that my Project Life for last year would be much better suited in 3 albums (rather than the 2 it is currently in). So, I just picked up 2 more of these albums from so that all 3 albums for 2011 will match on my shelf. I love the AC cloth albums and the embroidered flowers are a nice finishing touch. This is a sturdy album too, much better than the albums that came with the 2011 Project Life kits. AC Cloth albums are my favorite 12x12 D ring albums!

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    Perfect to Showcase a Photo (04 February 2011)

    I purchased these page protectors for use on our wedding album. I especially liked this configuration because of the 6x8 position which will be perfect for "featuring" a special photo and then the other positions will hold supporting photos. For example, pictures of our cake cutting, the 6x8 picture will be of us actually making the first cut and the supporting pictures will be of us feeding the cake to one another. These page protectors are made of sturdy, durable plastic and would be perfect for albums where the creator wanted to showcase a special photo larger than some of the other photos.

  • Terrific tool! (01 December 2010)

    I just picked up one of these tools because I was trying to figure out how to punch holes in junk CD's to make a mini album and I didn't want to have to ask to borrow my DH's power drill. After a bit of research, I came across this tool and decided to give it a go. I was completely amazed at how easy it was to punch holes in CD's with this tool!

    I know many people do not like that the reach is limited with this tool but for me thats not a drawback. It was obviously made for limited reach holes/eyelet setting, like for making holes in mini album bindings. I have a Making Memories eyelet setter that works just fine for setting eyelets anywhere I want them, so the limited reach is a non issue for me. I am just thrilled to have a tool that will punch holes in a variety of materials!

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    Exciting mix! (25 December 2009)

    I bought the Random Bag of Scrap 3, purely on a whim. I've been looking to try some new products but didn't want to make an investment into a full line of something only to discover that I didn't really like it. This was the perfect way to go! I have never bought anything from any of the lines included and I know now that I will be researching some of these lines to buy more pieces to match them! The papers are great

    I will be a repeat buyer for future random bags of scrap!

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    Beautiful Shades of color (25 December 2009)

    I bought this pack during the 12 days of Christmas. It will be used for card making, as I always use Bazzill CS for the card base. The colors of this paper pack are beautiful! I was very surprised to see them in person and I am glad now that I did buy this pack and the lighter shades! I'd highly recommend this paper to anyone looking for deep rich shades of paper to work with. Also, the texture is there but it's not overwhelming, like some textured paper tends to me.

  • Sure beats the Colorizer! (15 December 2009)

    I purchased this heat tool after my Colorizer literally went up in flames. I was going to buy another colorizer but their customer service wanted nothing to do with the fact that one of their products caught on fire. So - after asking around about other heat tools, this is the one that was recommended the most. I have not been disappointed at all with it and I even like it better than my original colorizer. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an easy to use heat tool!

  • Very Pretty (25 March 2009)

    I bought this paper pack and was surprised at how nice it is! I love that the whole set is coordinated, which is especially helpful for patterned paper challenged people like myself! I also love that it came with alphabet letters and some embellishments that match the papers!

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    Just not what I expected (14 March 2009)

    I wish I had researched more about Elsie before purchasing this book. Her scrap style, while nice and unique, is just not how I like to scrap. The challenges were fun though and I modified some of them to fit more in tune with how I normally scrap.

    I'd recommend this for anyone who loves doodling.

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    Love this paper! (14 March 2009)

    This paper is perfect for "little boy" layouts! I was trying to find a paper set that was good for boy layouts but I didn't want bright bold colors. The pastels in this pack fit my photos perfectly!

    I highly recommend this set for anyone doing "little boy" pages!

    My only drawback to Basic Greys sets are that they only include one sheet of each paper instead of 2. Since I scrap mostly 2 page LO's, having 2 of each sheet would have been nice.

  • Excellent resource book! (22 August 2008)

    I bought this book and have used many of the ideas in my new scraproom! This was just what I needed to help me organize my space and make it completely functional.

    I have recommended this book to a few friends, and they all have used different ideas in it for their rooms too!

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    Awesome papers! (22 August 2008)

    The papers in this pack are so cute! This was my first Basic Grey purchase and I absolutely love it! I've not used it yet (saving it for when I re-do my childhood books) but now I cannot wait to start this project! I also bought the "Oh Baby Boy" for when I re-do my DH's childhood books too!

    Basic Grey makes some truly awesome papers!

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    It's Yellow! (22 August 2008)

    I bought this bottle of Diamond Stickles just to try out the product (my FIRST bottle!). I was excited to use it for the first time but am not as excited now because the sparklies turned yellow when they dried! I don't know if thats what color this is supposed to be (I was expecting white/silver by the looks of the bottle). Anyway, besides it taking a long time to dry, it is a neat product. I may try some of the other colors. My only piece of advice is, keep a needly close by because the opening clogs alot. This is also much easier to use than the good old fashion elmers and glitter!